Keeping communication in the team effective, is one of the guiding values of XP. XP is of the view that :

Poor communication is the root of many problems on software projects

Many problems on software projects can be traced to a lack of communication among the team 1. A person on the team may already know the answer to a problem that someone else on the team is trying to solve, and if this is not effectively communicated, the project suffers.

Developers and customers should be in constant communication.

It aims for clear communication on goals, status and priorities 2. Customers are responsible for answering the question ‘What will be done?’. Developers are expected to answer the question ‘How will this feature be implemented?’ and to give estimates of how long it will take.

Face-to-face communication is the most effective form of communication for most activities on a software project.

Face-to-face communication allows developers discuss with the customer directly if they have questions about requirement – no middle-man is required. Face-to-face communication among developers designing or implementing a feature eliminates the waste that can arise from miscommunication.

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