My name is Ikenna Nwaiwu. I am a Software Craftsman. My focus is on the design, development and integration of reactive, domain driven, enterprise applications particularly in investment finance.

On this blog, I write about various topics including Extreme Programming.

I primarily work on the Scala platform, and my primary tools are Scala, Play, Akka and Sbt/Activator. I am interested in Functional Programming,  Domain Driven Design, Agile Methods, Software Application Architectures and Software Testing.

I  work as an independent Scala consultant for financial services companies in London. I started my career as a consultant developer at ThoughtWorks, where I worked on major projects for The Guardian, Barclays and AutoTrader. I have also worked as a software engineer at UBS and ITV. As an independent Scala consultant, I have worked for HMRC and Bank Of America Merril Lynch.

I organise the Lagos Agile & Craftsmanship Meetup and the Lagos Scala Meetup groups

I live in Basildon, Essex. I am a Christian. I love playing chess.